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About us


My name is Marcel Garrett founder and creative director of E’QOUTA By Marcel Garrett. After being denied from 5 Art Schools I decided that wouldn’t stop me from designing Clothes. E’QOUTA officially Launched in 2013 as a lifestyle brand, that focuses on elegant basics and essentials.

We as a company maintain our values of Quality, elegance,and authenticity, by providing elegantly designed garments made with quality craftsmanship to represent our authenticity and passion behind the process of creating each garment.

From concept to construction, we learned how to produce garments through a process of deconstruction and reconstruction that changes the lines to create a unique silhouette that shapes each garment.Each pattern, marker, cut ,and treatment of the fabrics are organically built with our own process that we defined.

We focus on our minimalistic aesthetic mixed with avante garde street influences.

We use quality fabrics that we source from different parts around the world  and by having our community actively engaged in the behind the scene aspects of our production we main an intimate bond with our community and deliver garments made with elegance and quality.